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We go the extra mile.

Nosy Design is an Isle of Wight marketing agency working across the UK and beyond; our ethos is to go the ‘extra mile’ for every client. We specialise in the corporate, hospitality, property and event sectors. Our key services include Video, Web, Marketing & Design.

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Videos create emotions and their popularity is growing; they are becoming an essential part of your marketing strategy. 

At Nosy we produce creative videos for marketing campaigns, events, showcases, products and venues.


Instead of TV or radio, phones & computers are the new ‘attention grabbers’ of the 21st century. We help your business market itself on the internet, this is important because that’s where the customers are.


Position your brand for success with a uniform design across promotional print, graphics and advertising. Ensure that your convey the correct message to your customers and get more business.


Every business wants more customers. Above all, marketing gets your more customers. It doesn’t get simpler, and our marketing IS simple. We can help with social media, SEO, email campaigns, adverts and more.

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Why Choose Nosy Design?

Innovative Thinking

Our team is young and innovative. When faced with a problem (which requires a creative solution) we jump-in head-first and are not afraid of challenges.

We are constantly learning and trying to better our craft across all of our services – be it in a new video technique or an ‘outside the box’ social media campaign.

This sort of thinking is essential in the fast changing world of today’s technology. Social media didn’t exist 20 years ago and videos looked like they were filmed on a toaster. In addition, who knows what ‘marketing’ will look like in 5, 3 or even a years’ time…

But that doesn’t matter.

Because we will be ready for it.


Going the Extra Mile

On top of this page you saw the title ‘We Go the Extra Mile’…  that’s the truth. This can mean something different to every client.

If we’re managing your social media, we will become ‘brand ambassadors’ on a personal level. Therefore, we will promote your brand on our social media accounts or even in person.

We will spend hours with you in-person to find out exactly who your customers are. Therefore we will understand what experience you’re trying to provide them with.

If we’re creating a video for your event or bar, we will try to make the cocktail ourselves to understand the process and showcase it in the best light (not to drink it, of course).


Providing Value

We don’t want to rip your business off and whilst our pricing isn’t the cheapest, it is the best value for what you will receive.

Our team aim to establish long-term relationships with our clients and will always work towards a pricing structure that will multiply your investment (by gaining you more customers).

If you haven’t got a big budget or are a charity, we can provide advice or recommend solutions that might help you to:

  1. Earn more income, allowing you to re-invest to keep growing.
  2. Learn how to accomplish the task yourself.

Nosy Design is very aware that if our marketing makes you money, we will both succeed. And hence we always try to provide the best value and the highest results.


You’re Buying ‘Us’, Not Our Services

Imagine you decide to go to a restaurant. The pictures on social media and the menu on their website look amazing, you definitely need to go! You turn-up and immediately are greeted with lack of attention from the staff, they don’t want to be there and the service they are providing is cold and fake. For instance, they don’t ask ‘how are you?’ or offer to give advice on wine that would suit your meal.

Would you come back? Would you recommend this restaurant to a friend?

Similarly, we truly believe that when you choose Nosy Design to help you business with its marketing, you are investing in US, not our services. This means that:

  • We will invest in understanding your industry, potential customers and your competition. This will reflect in your marketing and the results you obtain.
  • Your best interest is our priority. We will promote your service to other businesses and connections which we think could benefit from what you have to offer. Nosy Design becomes your ‘brand ambassador’. If we ever feel like we can’t do this, we will tell you why.
  • We will suggest new technologies and marketing ideas which we think will benefit your business. That’s why establishing a long-term relationship is so important to us.
  • Our team will be honest with you, if we can’t do something or don’t want to do something we will tell you why. If we think you could do something differently which will put your brand in a better position – we will tell you. Similarity, we will ask for constructive criticism and improve accordingly.

In conclusion, we are individuals who want to help you market yoru business successfully.