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Nosy Design provides Isle of Wight website design, social media management and video productions. That’s the basics, but there’s more to it…

We are storytellers, video creators, artists, students and teachers; we make mistakes and learn from them. During difficult times, we eat cake (and feel guilty because of it after). We are the hardest workers in the room. 

We are people.

Are you ready to make a positive difference in your life? Let us help you to improve the way
you market your business or your personal brand.

“Think about your legacy, you write it everyday.”

Isle of Wight Website Design & Marketing

Our key services.

Website Design

We design professional looking websites. Fair Prices. No Baloney.

Social Media

We actively manage social media accounts for various IOW businesses.


Adverts, interviews, showcases and other, emotion provoking, videos.

Isle of Wight Website Design & Marketing
Social Media Management
Isle of Wight Website Design & Marketing
Logo Design
Isle of Wight Website Design - Evolution Gym in Ryde
Isle of Wight Website Design
Other Services
Other Marketing Services

Our key services are Website Design, Social Media Management & Video Production; however we are capable of providing brands with full entire campaigns.

Another service that we offer is graphic design: Logos, Promotional Print, Adverts and all other graphic design services for Isle of Wight businesses. 

We deliver workshops and provide 1-to-1 tuition about the subject of social media. For example, we can teach you how to improve your Facebook Page – which provides sustainable benefits fro your business. 

In the past Matt has delivered several workshops at Age UK IW and he is currently planning workshops with the IW Chamber and David Thornton. 

We can offer advice and help you optimise your website’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO); making it appear higher on Google for specific search terms.

We are continuously supporting businesses on the Isle of Wight in delivering entire marketing campaigns: from website design and social media management to video adverts, promotional print and SEO. 

For that reason, we are happy to act as a ‘marketing consultant’ and provide your business with clear, actionable, points which will improve your sales.

What's the secret?

Provide Value

What’s one of the biggest mistakes that people make on social media? They try to ask before they give.

Similarly, if you want to create a connection with your customers you can’t ‘not care’; you can’t even ‘pretend to care’! Above all, you genuinely have you be interested in them and commit yourself to providing value to them first.

Ask Questions / Give Tips / Involve / Advise / Love 

Matt  Greg

Isle of Wight Website Design
Play Video

We challenged our customers to name objects they thought couldn’t be made interesting in a video. 

So… armed with a paperclip, toothbrush, white tube-socks, a light switch and other objects – we made this short video.

What do you think? Let us know.


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