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We are

Matt is the owner of Nosy Design, his aim is to support as many businesses and individuals on the Isle of Wight as he can.

"If you want to improve your business, find a real way to help someone else improve theirs first."
He loves the feeling behind a completed project, lifting heavy weights, solving pesky problems, superhero parties and talking to people.

Alex is a comedian, writer and frantic melee of energy, playing jump-rope with the digital and live entertainment world.
At Nosy Design, he films, designs and edits digital content for businesses on the Isle of Wight... and he does it like a rock-star. Social Media management and looking at statistics could be considered as his hobby.

His recent show 'Something Strange' saw Alex and 12 Guinness World Record holding Johnny Strange compete for who could get the highest insurance premium.

He is hosting many local and national events, including the Isle of Wight Comicon and the Spectrum Festival.

Oh, and he goes to parties dressed as Batman in his spare time.

Neil holds the role of a business development manger at Nosy Design; helping to manage finances, client accounts and customer relations.

With a successful career in hospitality management, Neil brings 10 years of experience to the team when it comes to biz development!

In his spare time, there's mentions of watching superhero movies, drinking a good cocktail, a eating a rare steak and arguing with his 2 boys about the Playstation allowance...

Solene is the Nosy artist! Originally from France, she's travelled around the world most of her life (currently residing on the IOW).

She graduated from an art and design college in Hong Kong in 2016.

Her art has a unique way of looking realistic, Solene always pays immense attention to detail. You can see examples of her work displayed above (visit her social media accounts for more).

We are people.

A lot of companies claim to be the cheapest, most professional and best at everything. They’ll will spurt out positive words and promise the world. 

We, on the other hand, say things how they are. We are hard workers and understand the fact that if your company does well, so will we.

We want the best for your business.

Questions & Answers

We are approachable and have a versatile skill set in website design, graphics, social media & video. This means we can look at the picture as a whole and provide you with the best marketing solutions for your business.

This depends on the project. However we are very transparent.

A short video highlighting an event or your business’ services will cost £200-300. 

Social Media Management? You are looking at £50/week for a starter package or £100/week for more advanced delivery.

Websites… you know what? Just contact us and explain what you are looking for! We will provide you with a quick quote and some feedback. 

  1. Initial meeting/contact with the client – defining the problem and identifying potential solutions.
  2. Plan of action & a several quotes (giving the client different options).
  3. Collecting information and researching the market.
  4. Working on the project.
  5. Delivering the project & asking for feedback.
  6. Working to make necessary amendments. 
  7. Assisting the client in delivery of their project to their customers. 
  8. Taking feedback from the client for future improvement.

We have worked with industry leading companies such as Top Mops Ltd (biggest contract cleaning provider on the Isle of Wight) or 4×4 Vehicle Hire (60+ 4×4 Vehicle Hire Branches in the UK), as well as local businesses such as No.64 in Shanklin, Evolution Gym in Ryde and individuals such as Wioletta Greg or RR Haywood. 

Our client base is currently in its fifties. We invite you to look at Our Portfolio and review our work. 

A lot of our clients work with us on a reoccurring basis; contracting Nosy Design to carry out whole marketing campaigns for them (from website design and social media to promotional print design and video advet production). 

We pride ourselves in this trait as we are able to understand the ins and outs of the business and provide a truly tailored service – getting more sales for our client. 

Take the step

Take the next step.

Let’s just talk… even if you are not sure what marketing support your business needs or if you are not yet prepared to invest – we are happy to give you advice and guidance.

Our Happy Clients

A true professional with great vision. Matt comes equipped with witty ideas, lots of patience, and is hugely creative! His eye for detail is second to none, spotting things others don’t! Great service, amazing attitude. Our 100% go to chap.
Kirsty Dennis
John Dennis 4x4
Matt is an amazing guy with a big future ahead of him, his understanding of our needs on business growth and awareness through social media is second to none. He is by far the best I have had the pleasure of working with.
Neil Bradley
No.64 Shanklin