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About Us

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Our Motto

"We have the right design for you."

We believe that websites and designs have to be functional – however good something looks, if it’s not bringing you results it’s not fulfilling its purpose. Websites have to be found and either sell products / services or inform the audience.

When it comes to money, we’re not going to overcharge or add “random costs” mid-way through the project – our aim is to be transparent and fulfil expectations from the beginning. We will normally quote pricing in 3 tiers, one of which will match your budget.

We have a simple rule for amendments on your website or design:

If it takes 5 minutes we will change it for free or show you how to do it, if it takes longer we will explain to you why and ask if you would like us to provide a quote.”


Matt is the owner of Nosy Design, his aim is to support as many businesses and individuals on the Isle of Wight as he can.

"If you want to improve your business, find a real way to help someone else improve theirs first."

He loves the feeling behind a completed project, lifting heavy weights, solving pesky problems, superhero parties and talking to people.

Alex is a comedian, writer and frantic melee of energy, playing jump-rope with the digital and live entertainment world.

He films, designs and edits digital content for businesses on the Isle of Wight... and he does it like a rock-star. Social Media management and looking at statistics could be considered as his hobby.

His recent show 'Something Strange' saw Alex and 12 Guinness World Record holding Johnny Strange compete for who could get the highest insurance premium.

Oh, and he goes to parties dressed as Batman in his spare time.

Solene is the Nosy artist! Originally from France, she's travelled around the world most of her life (currently residing on the IOW).

She graduated from an art and design college in Hong Kong in 2016.

Her art has a unique way of looking realistic, Solene always pays immense attention to detail. Check her social media for examples of recent work.