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We provide Isle of Wight Social Media Management services to improve brand awareness and increase sales of your product or service.

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What's the cost?

We don’t believe that small businesses (1 – 4 employees) will gain much from a standard ‘social media management’ package. 

Why? Because every cost matters and if you have too much coming out in the initial stages of your business you will find it more difficult to succeed. We could offer you a ‘low cost’ package, but realistically this will not provide the results that your business needs.

So, what can we offer you? We can provide you with social media training and guidance – which allows you to keep the cost low and have the control of your business’ online presence.

We class a medium business as 5 – 15 employees*. 

When you are at this size, an extra cost invested into social media management should return itself in additional sales and in saved staffing costs. Why the staffing costs? Because when you are at this size, it’s more than likely that you have some sort of social media presence, think how many hours per month one (or more) of your employees spends managing Facebook, Twitter etc. and what they could be doing instead if someone was doing this work for them. 

Social Media Management Prices

All price packaged are custom to your business type and needs, however we want to be transparent with you. As an example, this is what £100 per week could get you:

  • 10-14 Facebook posts per week
  • 17-21 Tweets per week
  • 10-14 Instagram posts per week
  • 10-14 LinkedIn posts per week
  • Monthly reports with a clear action plan
  • Relevant replies to all comments on Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram

*If you feel like this package would suit you, even thought you have less or more employees – we would be happy to discuss this with you. 

We class a large business as 15+ employees.

As with the medium business, we want you to consider the future of the internet – social media marketing will only get bigger and bigger. It’s important that you grab as much of the social media market (within your industry) NOW and not later. 

Think how much money you currently spend on promotional print, radio adverts, flyers, billboards etc. The only thing those have in common is that they don’t allow you to be as accurate with your target audience choice as social media does.

We could create an advert on Facebook that targets a specific geographical area and includes single mums who buy dog food and have gone to Chichester University. And the best part? Facebook would tell us exactly how many of the people converted because of the advert. 

Social media is the future for businesses marketing and if you don’t already, you need to take is seriously. Why is it the future? Because the next generation of consumers will spend their lives on it and where their attention goes, so should yours. 

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Maybe you are looking for something different? We know that each business is unique in its own right and can therefore provide custom social media management packages that suit your needs.

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Other Questions...

We have created over 500 posts for No.64 in Shanklin, distributed over Facebook & Instagram. We also have other reputable clients such as Top Mops Ltd. & 4×4 Vehicle Hire UK.

Matt has delivered several social media courses at Age UK IW. He’s also teamed up with David Thornton and the IW Chamber of Commerce in delivering social media training. 

We mainly operate across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn. However if you have more time and a larger budget – we can also help you develop your YouTube channel (Google has bought YouTube – it’s not going away anytime soon!)

They try to sell before they give value. When a customer makes their decision about buying a product or using a service, they will choose trust.

The key to social media is not bombarding your customers with offers and one way communications; instead you should engage, answer questions and ask for opinions. Why? Because a business that is knowledgeable and caring is a business that customers will trust and buy from.

You should be asking your customers questions on social media. Ask them how they are today, what they think of your new product, whether they agree with the newest price change you’ve introduced… involve them in your business!

When you do this, you will start making them involved in your business. And when someone is involved in a venture, they will start advocating it with their friends and family.

Oh… and coffee all the way!

Teaching Social

1-to-1 lessons & seminars

In the past, I’ve delivered several social media workshops for Age UK IW. During those workshops we discussed topics such as “Creating a great 1st impression on your customers”, “When & what to post for more engagement” and “How to effectively use social media adverts to gain brand ambassadors.”

Nosy Design is currently teaming-up with David Thornton [from Delivering Sales Excellence] and the IW Chamber [workshop on the 16th of January 2019] in delivering social media training sessions around the Isle of Wight. If your business is not in the financial position to pay someone a weekly fee (to manage social media), I would be delighted to teach you how to do it yourself and provide real value to your customers whilst gaining sales for your business.

Matt Greg
Chief Geek

One Tip?

Be consistent.

If we had to give you one tip about social media management, we would invite you to be consistent. Figure out the right times to post (do people check their Facebook when they wake-up? Do they scroll through Instagram whilst eating a sandwich at lunch? Maybe they read tweets after dinner?) and stick to it. 

When you start posting regularly you will start seeing patterns, you will start improving, your website SEO will improve, you will start getting more engagement, you will gain statistics for review and most importantly – you will gain confidence in the fact that you can do this!  

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