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Video Services

  • Event Filming
  • Office / Venue Showcases
  • Service or Product Showcase
  • Recruitment Videos / ‘Meet the Team’
  • Creative Video Campaigns


  • Product Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Venue Photos
  • Team Photoshoots
  • Aerial Photography

Other Media

  • Social Media Video Adverts
  • Video Campaigns
  • Instagram TV
  • Website Photos / Videos
  • YouTube Channel Management
YouTuber on the Isle of Wight

Making videos for YouTube

Working @YouTube

Alex has worked with several YouTube creators and musicians, helping them to improve the quality of their video production. He has travelled to different places around the world; giving talks and participating in YouTube hosted events.

This gives him an edge when it comes to storytelling, shot planning and editing of marketing videos. This year he will be delivering a talk at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).