Marketing videos.

We create marketing videos which show you business and its products or services to your customers. From 60s clips to full-showcases & interviews.

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What's the cost?

A short video with lots going on and some mood-creating music to accompany it. 

This style of video is designed to showcase a particular service, product, offer or part of the venue. It would be perfect for a restaurant, gym, outdoor attraction etc.

Price of filming & editing will be in the region of £125-175 depending on the exact purpose & location.

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This type of video is designed to give your customers a deeper understanding of your business. We can start to move more towards storytelling, interviews overlaid over the footage etc.

Price will vary between £200 – 350 depending on what’s required. 

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If you are a business in which a lot of things happen throughout the year (a busy hospitality venue, recruitment agency, travel agent, estate agency etc.) we want to offer you a reoccurring video service; where we will visit you a X amount of times per year and create update videos towards your clients. 

Those videos can be used as a bridge between you and the customers on social media or on your website. It’s a great way to open up your business and create valuable content which will attract new customers. 

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Maybe you’re looking to create a 10 minute interview video? Or a short 30 second clip for social media? 

We can provide custom prices and advice for your special projects.

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Other Questions...

Alex has worked with YouTube and has several years of experience in video production, event hosting and marketing.

Matt has a social media and web design background, which doesn’t translate directly to video production – however it gives us an edge when creating content for specific platforms; because we know what works and what doesn’t. 

Videos create a better story than a picture or text will; and they can do so quicker and in a more powerful way. That’s why customers often prefer them.

YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world after Google (oh, and Google owns YouTube…!) Facebook & Instagram are putting more and more focus on video – this type of marketing is not going to go away any time soon and it’s important that you get a step ahead of your competition.

The valuable thing about a video is that it can be reused on your website, blog, social media accounts, it can be put on a projector during your presentation or sent via email to a client wanting to find out more about your business. 

This is a rough process of how we create our videos at Nosy Design:

  1. We will contact you/meet to discuss what you want to use the video for, what is its purpose? And come to an agreement on the fine details and the price. 
  2. We will arrange a date and time that’s convenient and that works (for example, we wouldn’t want to visit you to film a restaurant video on a busy Friday night when you’re rushed off your feet).
  3. When we arrive, we will walk around the location and choose our shots – picking the best lighting, transitions and other ques.
  4. We will film the shots/audio.
  5. We will go over the footage and select the shots which we want to use in the video.
  6. We will pick music, fonts for any text, graphic elements and transition.
  7.  We will edit the video and send it over to you for review.
  8. You will give us 100 changes to make, we will make those.
  9. When the video is finished – we will (normally) send you the finished product via WeTransfer and upload it to our YouTube portfolio. 

Making videos for YouTube

Working @YouTube

Alex has worked with several YouTube creators and musicians, helping them to improve the quality of their video production. He has travelled to different places around the world giving talks and participating in YouTube hosted events.

This gives him an edge when it comes to storytelling, shot planning and editing of marketing videos for Isle of Wight businesses. He’s the ‘Video Chief’ and Nosy Design! 

Alex Watts
Video Chief

Nosy about business.

Exploring Isle of Wight business in video interviews.

We are continuously in the process of filming interview-style videos with the owners of Isle of Wight businesses, in the videos we explore their industry and tell the viewers about the challenges and rewards of running that type of business.

So far I’ve interviewed:

Alicia from Movemore PT 

Brian from Learn Spanish In 

Iain from Wightshops 

Graham from Barlow Tree Surgery

Dominic from BoRo Beach Bike

If you’d like to get involved, contact us!

Matt Greg
Chief Geek

Charity Videos.

We are conscious that charities often need to tell their stories through videos as it’s the most emotion provoking advertising vehicle.

Therefore, we offer heavily reduced charity rates (or can sometimes create free videos depending on our schedule). Contact us and tell us about your charity project. 

Let's film your story.

We are always excited about new video projects. Why? Because every single one is slightly different. Let's start yours today.